No on gun violence

I am in agreement with Rabbi Englemayer’s opinion (“The Torah demands decisive action against gun violence,” August 9). And I thank him for it.

For many years, I have been involved in protesting against gun violence and advocating for common-sense gun legislation through organizations such as the National Council of Jewish Women — Bergen County section and the Brady Campaign of Bergen County. It has been somewhat discouraging when our government does not act appropriately in reducing this unnecessary carnage. I am hopeful, however, that under Governor Murphy’s direction, New Jersey will be a model for other states to follow.

It is imperative that legislation under the federal government be enacted now to stop the selling of rapid assault weapons to civilians, and to promote thorough background checks.

Stop using the Second Amendment as a protection for owning high-powered assault weapons. The Torah is our guide on this issue.

Roselyn Altman

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