Itamar’s mayor comes to Englewood, speaks of Fogel family

Itamar’s mayor comes to Englewood, speaks of Fogel family

Itamar facts and figures

Itamar, where five members of the Fogel family were killed last month:

“¢ has a population of about 1,000;

“¢ is located a little south of the Palestinian town of Nablus

“¢ was founded in 1984.

“¢ is named after Itamar, the youngest son of Aaron, Moses’s brother in the Hebrew Bible. According to some traditions, Itamar is buried in the area around Itamar.

“¢ is home to several educational institutions.

“¢ is an agricultural and religious settlement whose residents produce cheese and olive oil.

“¢ In 2001, a security guard was shot dead in an ambush in Itamar.

“¢ In June 2002, a terrorist broke into the home of the Shabo family in Itamar and killed the mother and three children, seriously injuring another two of the family’s children. The Israel Defense Forces exchanged gunfire with the terrorist, and the house burned to the ground.

“¢ The Israeli government has increased security throughout the area following last month’s attack on the Fogel family.

Courtesy of The Israel Project

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