Israel’s 10 best gas-station eateries

Israel’s 10 best gas-station eateries

We love Israel. We’re suckers for lists. And we like the good work that our friends and colleagues at do in showing a side of Israel that doesn’t make the front pages of the daily newspapers.

But gas station eateries?

We’re always glad for a chance to pull over at a Turnpike rest stop for a bag of chips and a Diet Coke. Yet if our wonderful correspondent Abigail Klein Leichman’s Israel21c report is to be believed, Israeli drivers can look forward to an excellent plate of hummus when they stop to fuel their cars.

So, without further ado, as much as the top 10 list as fits.

1. Elvis American Diner, Neve Ilan

This kitschy eatery, long known as the Elvis Inn, is next to the gas station at the Neve Ilan exit outside Abu Ghosh west of Jerusalem. It’s easy to find, thanks to the 16-foot statue of Elvis visible from the highway.

Open seven days a week, the 1950s-style diner serves American standards like burgers and fries as well as Israeli standards such as hummus. Elvis collector Uri Yoeli established it in the mid-1970s to house his mountain of memorabilia and photos. Over the years, the Elvis Inn has been visited by Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Joe Cocker, and Sting — as well as by hundreds of thousands of less famous eaters.

2. Agenda Café Bar and Sushi, Caesarea

Hey, just because it’s situated next to a filling station doesn’t mean the food at Agenda is lowbrow. In fact, this kosher sushi bar at the Caesarea interchange is known for its fine Japanese cuisine. But if sushi, sashimi, or nigari aren’t your cup of green tea, opt for the restaurant’s Italian menu instead.

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