Israeli physicists electrify your Lego

Israeli physicists electrify your Lego

Some things are just obvious.

Like, why can’t you deposit a thin film of metal on a plastic brick to create a Lego device that’s also an electric circuit?

Well, maybe you have to be a physicist to find that obvious.

But Boaz Almog is a physics researcher at Tel Aviv University. (You may remember him from his role in a TED talk on quantum superconducting levitation that has more than two million views.)

And when he realized that his son’s electric circuit kits were not as much fun as his beloved Lego bricks, he had a brainstorm: Why not develop a kit that made the circuit out of bricks?

Thus was born Brixo, which is now raising funds on Kickstarter. Unlike Lego’s electrified Techno kits, Brixo projects don’t use wires. Instead, chrome-plated bricks conduct the circuits. There are bricks that detect light or sound or even bluetooth instructions from a smartphone, and there are bricks that light up or run a motor.

So yes, you can design a car that starts driving when the lights go out. As if walking in a Lego-filled household wasn’t hazardous enough.

Almog is running Brixo with a Tel Aviv University physics colleague, Amir Saraf. The two already launched Quantum Experience, an initiative to bring quantum physics into the public eye.

“Science and technology surround us,” Almog said. “But basic understanding of the principles we look at every day as physicists are absent from mainstream consciousness.”

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