Israel puts its stamp on winter

Israel puts its stamp on winter

It hasn’t felt much like winter around here, one blizzard aside. In fact, that has been true across the Northern Hemisphere. The arctic had temperatures almost 30 degrees above normal. And February 2016 has entered the record books as the warmest month in human history.

So if you want to feel some of winter’s cool before it shuffles sheepishly away later this month, you may wish to turn to the Israeli Philatelic Service, which issued a stamp honoring winter last month. The first stamp in what will be a cycle of four seasonal issues, it is illustrated with kids playing in the snow outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls.

The informative booklet accompanying the stamp featured a line from Haim Nachman Bialik’s poem “Songs of Winter”: “The chill of the morning, the shriek of crow, awakened me. And I know not why holiday joy suddenly came upon me.”

The rhyme scans better in the original.


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