Israel gives Rummikub stamp of approval

Israel gives Rummikub stamp of approval

Growing up, Friday night after Shabbat dinner was about playing games. Backgammon was fun and fast, but Rummikub had an added feel-good glow of Zionism to it, as it had been invented in Israel. Combining the satisfying feel of mahjong with the even-a-child-can-understand rules of gin rummy. Best of all, unlike backgammon, it could be played by two to four players.

Israel now has seen fit to honor Rummikub with a commemorative postage stamp, along with a more recent Israeli game: Taki. From the stamp, Taki appears to be a card game reminiscent of Uno. Players on the Board Game Geek website have given it a collective rating of 5.5 out of a possible 10, slightly ahead of Uno’s 5.4. Take that, BDS!

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