Interesting questions

Interesting questions

I’ve just put three letters into the system for possible publication next week (we don’t decide until press time which letters will go into each week’s paper) answering a June 12 letter from Harry Weissfisch of Ridgewood. (Readers may recall his words: “I honor the Holocaust by never, ever contributing economically to either Germany or France by making sure I do not purchase any project produced by them.”)

All the letters were from survivors and all agreed that the Germans were and remained despicable (although two had kind words for the French).

I wonder if this is a widely held view among our readers – and beyond. One letter-writer noted, with dismay, the presence of German-made cars in her synagogue parking lot, and of course many Jews – even in Israel – do buy German cars, so that’s a sign of a difference of opinion. I wonder, also, if there is a generational difference behind differing views.

What do you think? Would you buy products made in Germany? Do you believe, with Mr. Weissfisch, that “Germans will always be Germans”?