How Twitter saved grandson Ben’s Chanukah

How Twitter saved grandson Ben’s Chanukah

It had all the elements of a Jewish holiday miracle: A doting grandmother, a grateful grandson, and Asian food.

Josh Israel said that he had been dining with friends on Christmas day at Aja, a Japanese eatery in Skillman, when he found a Chanukah card outside the restaurant. It was inscribed simply, “Dear Ben, with my love, Grandma.”

Inside was $180 in cash.

Israel, 33, the CEO of a tech startup, decided to use Twitter to track down Ben. He tagged a bunch of accounts, including those of the comic actors Amy Schumer and Adam Sandler, as well as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“Need Twitter Help for a Christmas miracle… found grandma’s #Hanukkah card for Ben in Skillman, NJ outside a sushi restaurant on Christmas,” Israel’s appeal said.

A local New Jersey congregation made the connection, Israel told JTA on Twitter, and the money and card were reunited with Ben, who Israel said is too embarrassed to be identified.

“Grandma wouldn’t be too happy with him,” Israel explained in a follow-up tweet.


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