Hanging Purim-style on the coloring book shelf

Hanging Purim-style on the coloring book shelf

03-4-L-purim-gallowsAttempted genocide. Binge drinking. Royal concubines. Assassination plots. Inter-ethnic bloodshed. Clearly, the Book of Esther has all the makings of a wonderful children’s holiday.

And with Purim barely a month away, we bring you a page from “My Giant Purim Fun Book.” It came to our attention when it was posted to the WTF section of Reddit.com.

“A friend from New Jersey found it in a store called Amazing Savings in their Jewish holiday aisle,” explained the user who posted it.

“Her 5-ish-year-old daughter found it actually, asking her what was going on in the picture. She said she jokingly replied with ‘I’m not sure …. Hey, what’s that glittery thing over there?!’”

The best comment, though, came from a user posting as Nyawk: “I can say for a fact, being raised Christian, that there are coloring books with a near naked guy nailed to a cross. Beat that.”

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