Great Letter in Woodstock Times

Great Letter in Woodstock Times

Of all the Jews who hate their fellow Jews, possibly the most despicable are the hypocritical, righteous kind. While there are plenty of reasons to criticize the Israeli government, Israel’s right to protect itself and not allow shipments of arms, rockets and explosives into Gaza is unquestionable. Furthermore Israel does not restrict humanitarian aid flow into Gaza, it just insists on delivery of all goods to the nearby ports of Ashdod, or Alexandria (Egypt), where ships can be checked for weapons meant to be deployed against Israel’s citizens and only the legitimate humanitarian aid to be trucked into Gaza, together with the daily flow of goods from Israel into the Palestinian territories.

Let us check some facts our missionary local Jewry prefers to ignore: In August 2005, Israel completely withdrew from Gaza. While right wing activists insisted on demolishing the high tech greenhouses that housed the thriving strawberry industry, which counted for 40 percent of Gaza’s economy, others resisted. $14 million were privately raised by Israelis and American Jews, who bought the greenhouses and donated them to the Palestinians. However, on the day the Israelis pulled out, the Gazans, with their ingrained hatred, smashed the greenhouses because they were once owned by Jews. Within 36 hours it was all gone. So where do you get the audacity to blame Israel for their high unemployment? Lack of housing? Or health services?

Hamas spent millions of dollars on rockets, but not a penny on building roads, hospitals, housing, or a school. In fact when you get off the boat visit Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, or the hospital in Beer Sheva and see how many Palestinians are being treated for free, while the Israeli tax payers foot the bill. Is that human rights violation, or humanitarian care? Israelis pay for Gazans’ health services, while they spend their money on death.

Arabs are unhappy in Gaza, the West Bank, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Alger, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain and Tunis. I guess you’d fault Israel for that as well. Khaddafi and Assad blame everyone but themselves for their mess, so does Hamas in Gaza. I hope you get a good cup of coffee on the boat, because you need to wake up and smell the truth. And if you get tired of the boat, you can simply walk to Gaza via Egypt, the road is open. Even better, unload your ship in Sudan, where genocide continues for more than a decade and pour your compassionate heart into a true and just cause.

Mirav Ozeri
Mt. Tremper

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