Givati Brigade Association hosts 120 in support of Lone Soldiers Day 

Givati Brigade Association hosts 120 in support of Lone Soldiers Day 

(Photo courtesy Givati Brigade Association)
(Photo courtesy Givati Brigade Association)

More than 120 soldiers from 27 countries participated in the Givati Brigade Association’s Lone Soldiers Day at the Givati Museum. It’s housed in Metzudat Yoav, the Yoav Fortress, in Israel. The workshops, discussions, and booths offered support services addressing the unique challenges the Lone Soldiers face with no family to support them in Israel.

The day is part of GBA’s broader approach to care for the financial, social, and emotional well-being of soldiers.

The program began with a presentation highlighting the GBA’s overall mission and was followed by an exposition of organizations that support Lone Soldiers, both during military service and after discharge. Soldiers then had one-on-one interviews with GBA representatives and welfare officers to identify their individual needs. The discussions ranged from financial challenges to language barriers to lack of community support. The strategies explored included subsidies for off-base housing and other daily living expenses as well as programs to enlist civilian volunteers to provide soldiers with Shabbat meals, emotional guidance and support, and a family environment.

The day concluded with a tour that showcased the fortress’s memorial to fallen soldiers as well as closing remarks that emphasized the army’s gratitude for their sacrifice.

“These soldiers are heroes; they are doing the ultimate act of service by defending Israel’s borders, and it is our responsibility to provide supplemental care for them so that they can put their full attention on the important mission they have,” said GBA chair Itzhak Levit. “Our brigade is a family, and this event was all about giving them the tools and support to help in their daily life.”

Givati’s lone soldiers come from Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Philippines, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uzbekistan.

The GBA honors the legacy and provides support to the heroic soldiers of the IDF’s storied Givati Brigade. Through numerous welfare, educational, and communal initiatives, the association honors the brigade’s fallen heroes and serves as a resource for active members of the Givati Brigade and their families.

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