Giant video games take over Tel Aviv’s city hall

Giant video games take over Tel Aviv’s city hall

Talk about a large screen experience.

Every Thursday after dark, Tel Aviv’s city hall is transformed into a giant computer screen. Tetris, Pong, and Snake are available for free play by the public.

The building’s façade recently was outfitted with 480 giant LED lights, comprising a 32,000-square-foot screen.

“Playing games seems like a great way to utilize it for the enjoyment of the residents and visitors,” a municipality spokesman said.

Players control the game with two giant joysticks in Rabin Square. The nighttime public gaming fun was launched on August 30 with a Tetris tournament to mark the upcoming DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival.

This is the first time a building in Israel has been converted for a gaming event, but it’s been done before elsewhere. In 2012, hackers turned the 21-story Green Building at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology into a giant Tetris screen. In March of this year, students at Germany’s Christian Albrechts University turned the 14-floor main building into a big arcade game.

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