Federation sets up fund to aid terror victims as leaders condemn attacks

Federation sets up fund to aid terror victims as leaders condemn attacks

Presidents Conference calls for strengthened blockade of Gaza

Thursday’s terror attacks brought swift condemnation from government officials in Washington and Jewish organizational leaders in New York.

In New Jersey, the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey established a fund to assist victims of the attacks. Donations can be made online at

“The Victims of Terror Fund is our way of providing financial and moral support to our Jewish family in Israel during these difficult times,” said the federation in a statement. “It sends a message that Israel is not alone.”

The White House condemned the “brutal” terrorist attacks “in the strongest terms.”

“The U.S. and Israel stand united against terror and we hope that those behind this attack will be brought to justice swiftly,” said the White House statement.

Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ), a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittees on Defense; and State and Foreign Operations, released a statement which expressed condolences “to the families and friends of the Israelis who were murdered in Southern Israel today and to all of the people of the Jewish State of Israel.”

“I strongly condemn these horrific terrorist attacks and call on the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptian government to immediately denounce this brutal violence. Those who committed these horrendous acts must be swiftly brought to justice and dealt with severely,” he said.

“The terrorist attacks by the Sinai border highlight the importance of ensuring that the borders between Israel, Egypt, and Gaza are fully monitored and secured. Much more must be done to keep these borders safe. Clearly, Egypt must take greater steps to prevent terrorists from crossing its border.

“With the efforts by the Palestinian Authority and Egypt to improve ties with terrorist groups like Hamas, today’s terrorist attacks remind us that trying to make peace with murderous terrorists only leads to more death and suffering ““ especially for Israel.

“With an uncertain future in the Middle East, it is more important than ever for the United States to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish State of Israel,” he said.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations said the incident “underscores the need for Israel to take whatever measures possible, including strengthening the defensive blockade of Gaza, to ensure that everything is done to prevent a reoccurrence of such terrorism in the future.”

In its statement, the Conference of Presidents referenced Palestinian plans to declare an independent state, a move staunchly opposed by the organized Jewish community.

“The international community, rather than engaging in the folly of the Palestinian unilateral declarations at the UN, should be pressing for an end to Palestinian terrorism and incitement to terror,” said the Conference’s statement. “Providing monthly stipends to Palestinians sitting in jail for terrorism and declaring tributes to those who carry out terror attacks are perfect examples of incitement and reward for terror, and today we saw the results.

“People of conscience around the world must publicly proclaim that we all stand with Israel today. It is not enough to pay lip service to the rights of Israelis to live in security and the obligation of the government to protect its citizens. There must be clear declarations of condemnation followed by measures that would further isolate responsible terrorist groups and those who give them safe haven,” said the Conference statement.

The Anti-Defamation League focused its condemnation only on the Hamas leadership in Gaza, while noting the disarray in Egypt.

“We are horrified and outraged by today’s terrorist attacks which are believed to have been perpetrated by terrorists based in Gaza, who reportedly mounted the attacks from Egypt. These deadly incidents make clear that Hamas-led Gaza continues to target Israel and Israeli civilians,” said ADL National Director Abraham Foxman in a statement.

“The especially troubling new element in this attack is that the perpetrators apparently exploited the reduced presence and attention of Egyptian security forces in the Sinai region to gain access to Israel.

“This development highlights the new security dynamic confronting Israel in a changing Middle East. Israel has no choice but to once again respond to wanton terror attacks on its soil in order to protect Israeli civilians and deter terrorists,” he said.

The Jewish Federations of North America issued a statement.

“On behalf of the North American Jewish community, the Jewish Federations condemn the vicious attacks in southern Israel and mourn the loss of life,” said Jerry Silverman, President & CEO of The Jewish Federations of North America. “Violence against the innocent will never result in the peace we all seek.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of the attacks,” said Kathy Manning, chair of the JFNA Board of Trustees. “As we have throughout history, The Jewish Federations continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel.”

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