Doggy you can’t drive that car

Doggy you can’t drive that car

When the Messiah comes, the prophet Isaiah tells us, the lion will dwell with the lamb. And though it’s left unsaid, there’s little doubt that when the Messiah comes dogs will attain enlightenment and learn to drive.

Meanwhile, however, Israel’s traffic cops want to make it clear that canine-controlled cars are an absolute no-no — and they will be woofless in cracking down on unlicensed mutts found behind a wheel.

On Monday, police arrested a Jerusalem-area man for reckless driving after he uploaded a video of his dog standing in his lap with the animal’s two front paws holding the steering wheel as they navigate through narrow streets.

“Those who carry out such acts endanger people’s lives,” a police statement said. “We will continue to act to enforce serious traffic offenses and prosecute suspects who endanger road users with their actions.”

Neither the driver, his dog, nor the prophet Isaiah could be reached for comment.

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