Disney’s Ladino princess has a bubbe problem

Disney’s Ladino princess has a bubbe problem

Does it get any more Ashkenormative than this?

Jews were delighted to hear that Disney was introducing its first Jewish princess. Rebekah, princess of the Sephardic kingdom of Galonia, debuted on a very special Chanukah episode of “Elena of Avalor.”

However… for a Sephardic princess, Rebekah sure speaks a great deal of Ashkenazic Yiddish.

“I was very quickly disappointed as Rebekah’s grandmother was introduced as ‘bubbe,’ the Yiddish word for grandmother,” Adam Eilath writes in the Jewish News of Northern California. “Additionally, as Rebekah is introducing Elena to her customs, she teaches her that ‘nosh’ (again, Yiddish) is the Jewish word for eating. The word ‘dreidel’ (also Yiddish) was used instead of the Hebrew word ‘sevivon,’ which was more commonly used in Sephardic lands.”

In other, Yiddish words: Oy vey!


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