Bar mitzvah bowl-a-thon raises money for Kids of Courage

Bar mitzvah bowl-a-thon raises money for Kids of Courage

'Make-a-Wish on steroids'

Brooklyn pediatrician Stuart Ditchek, who co-founded Kids of Courage with paramedic Howie Kafka and the group’s director Ari Adlerstein, describes it as “Make-a-Wish on Steroids.” He says that it is prepared for any emergency while ensuring that kids, sometimes as many 140 on a trip, have fun and are provided with the opportunity to socialize and enjoy time away from their families.

“We founded Kids of Courage three years ago recognizing that these families had few year-round options for travel and activities,” he explains, “As their medical needs are tedious, the viability of doing certain activities simply did not exist.

“These children and young adults also spend much of their time in hospitals or at home acutely sick and thus miss out on the social aspects of school and community. Kids of of Courage solved this problem by creating social networks through the organization’s trips, day programs, and a Facebook community.”

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