‘The real danger’

‘The real danger’

At the recent AIPAC conference, nearly every speaker (Republicans and Democrats) identified Iran as the real danger to Mideast and world peace. Iran supports and arms the Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists and Syria undermines and sabotages our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, seeks control of the Middle East, and threatens to destroy Israel. And these same speakers promise to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. But Iran continues in the development of nuclear weapons. Once this happens, it’s a new ballgame, with Iran holding the upper hand.

Obviously, sanctions are not enough. Some of our leaders have said that nothing is off the table. It may be time to prove it. I understand that the prevention of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons is not as straightforward as the Israeli attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor several years ago. But perhaps an attack and destruction of one of Iran’s nuclear facilities will convince Iran that nothing is really off the table. It is an action that either the United States or Israel or the newly militant NATO must seriously consider.

Otherwise, prepare to live with a nuclear-armed Iran. Prepare to live with an Iran determined to seek Middle East hegemony and the destruction of Israel. Prepare to endure a possible nuclear war with Iran.