‘Scary message’

‘Scary message’

There is a scary message lurking behind Dr. Ben Chouake’s chivalrous defense of Michelle Bachmann in his letter to the editor of July 28.

Chouake, an officer of the pro-Israel NORPAC organization, criticized The Jewish Standard and claimed that “for some reason” it had it in for “women with a conservative platform.”

Really? Legions of blogs are dedicated to documenting the bizarre utterings of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, clearly the only conservative women in question. According to Chouake, their pro-Israel views should confer on them an immunity from being mocked for their own distorted (and often hilarious) views on American history, and for their extremist political views.

This is a chilling message, and one that shows the dangers of single-issue PAC’s, even when that single issue is one that is dear to us. It is fine to support responsible pro-Israel politicians, but these two are silly geese; that they are pro-Zionist geese should not deter the Standard from taking aim at them for their radical views.

Steven Eidman

Englewood, N.J.