A day for good deeds

A day for good deeds

Wednesday was the seventh (and some say final) day of Sukkot, followed by Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. Wednesday was also the day when the High Holy Days finally came to an end. Hoshanah Rabbah, as the seventh day is called, offered us one last chance to edit our entries in the Book of Life.

May we all have been inscribed for a good year to come.

One way to help make a good year possible for countless numbers of people is to participate in the Jewish Federation of North Jersey’s 14th annual Mitzvah Day, which is taking place on Sunday, Nov. 6.

There are all kinds of opportunities available for good deeds, from spending time bringing joy to ailing senior citizens to cleaning parks in Fair Lawn to helping to make badly needed repairs to homes for people who cannot afford to make necessary repairs.

For more information, call JFNNJ at 201-820-3900.