8 of the coolest menorahs for this Chanukah season

8 of the coolest menorahs for this Chanukah season

Another Chanukah season means another chance to impress with a creative menorah choice. Here are eight of the most inventive menorahs we’ve spotted this year. Buy one as a gift — or buy each of them for yourself, and you’ll guarantee your Festival of Lights will consist of eight memorable nights.

1. The bike chain

03-01-8-bike-bigThe biker or environmental activist in your life will appreciate this menorah — it’s made from actual recycled bike chains in Moradabad, India. So you can play with the chanukiyah and shape it in any way you’d like — within reason — while feeling virtuous about recycling. Recycled Bicycle Chain Menorah; Ten Thousand Villages; $29

2. The octagon

03-02-8-oct-bigEach side of this elegant octagonal menorah — it’s actually an octahedron — has a different number of slots to turn it onto a new side to fit another candle. Chanukah 21 Menorah by EightDays Design; Jewish Museum; $1,100

3. The bong

Jewish stoners of the world, rejoice! This device might not be great at holding actual candles, but it definitely will inspire its users to consume plenty of latkes. GRAV Menorah; Grav Labs; $699.

4. The dreidel

03-04-8-fold-41YP-3vQ0sLMenorahs and dreidels are the two most identifiable symbols of the Chanukah season — why not combine them into one product? This menorah’s small separate candleholders click together to form a multicolored dreidel. Just don’t try to make it do both things at once. Chanukah Dreidel Modular Menorah; Agayof Design; $144

5. The magnet

03-05-8-magnet-547ca8cd64acdIf you’ve ever felt like sticking your Chanukah candles in wacky sideways arrangements or in random magnetic places, this is the menorah for you. The possibilities are endless because it has eight detachable magnetic candle holders — and it’s designed for travel, too, for those wishing to hit the road during the Festival of Lights. Thinking Out of the Box Menorah; Laura Cowan Judaica; $85

6. The bottle cork

03-06-8-bottle-51358_COPPER_CORK_MENORAH_1024x1024Another clever travel menorah, the Copper Cork menorah transforms any bottle of wine into a menorah. “Great menorah for the college student!” reads a description on the product’s retailer web page. We’ll vouch for the menorah — but whether or not college students actually drink corked beverages remains subject to debate. Copper Cork Menorah; Decor craft; $18

7. The Statue of Liberty

03-07-8-Menorah-Statue-of-Liberty-25513-156x156-(1)This handpainted piece of folk art practically screams: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to celebrate Chanukah!” Then there’s the cheeky ruby high heel peeking out under Lady Liberty’s robe, which reminds us that “there’s no place like home.” Statue of Liberty Menorah by Acme Animal; Jewish Museum Shop; $400

8. The pomegranate tree

03-08-8-pomegrante-51WSpt4KzLLPerhaps it’s not a surprise to see a menorah made in Israel depict the pomegranate, one of the most symbolic foods in the Jewish tradition. But this classic, colorful chanukiyah will add sweetness and flavor to any holiday gathering. Blue Chanukah Menorah with a Pomegranate Tree and Birds Design; Yair Emanuel Judaica; $89

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