Bris Avrohom in Hillside, will hold its 38th annual dinner and 32nd gala wedding on December 3. Drs. Jerald Friedman and Zev Schulhof, who both live in Teaneck and are principals at the North Jersey Oral & Maxilofacial Surgery in Teaneck are among the honorees.

Both men have been involved in some of Bris Avrohom’s religious activities. One of those activities is performing adult brissim on Jews from the former Soviet Union, who did not have the chance to have a brit milah when they were newborns. Both men are sandeks.

This year’s journal is dedicated to the memory of the Wilf family by Edward and Cecile Mosberg, longtime friends of the Wilfs and supporters of the Jewish community and Bris Avrohom.

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