Heidi Fuchs of Teaneck has been appointed assistant dean for admissions and enrollment management at Touro College of Pharmacy. In her new position, she will oversee the office of admissions and lead the college in all aspects of admissions, including recruitment and enrollment management.

“Heidi will ensure that our applicants receive the highest levels of student service, responsiveness, and satisfaction,” the school’s dean, Henry Cohen, said. “One of her primary responsibilities will be to focus on recruiting the most qualified students. Under Heidi’s capable leadership, we will embark on partnerships with other colleges and further implement our enhanced strategic plan for student recruitment.”

“There are so many rewarding and exciting career paths available to the next generation of PharmDs,” Ms. Fuchs said. “The career is especially suited for those in the Orthodox community who seek a challenging, science-based profession that enables them to maintain strict religious observance and achieve a work-life balance. Our graduates are charting career paths that their grandparents could never have imagined.

“Whether it is a clinical pharmacy specialty in organ transplantation, infectious diseases or pediatrics, community pharmacy, drug research and development, medication safety, nuclear pharmacy or managed care — we offer a wealth of rotations and expose our students to abundant career options as we skillfully situate them to pursue their professional dreams while living an observant lifestyle,” she added.

Founded in 2008, Touro College of Pharmacy is the only pharmacy school in Manhattan that provides students with two years in the classroom followed by two years in the field on rotation. The school has state-of-the-art laboratories and a working pharmacy, where students gain critical experience as practicing pharmacists. TCOP is affordable, and strives to increase the number of minority health professionals while serving under-resourced communities and providing outreach and education about preventive care.

Ms. Fuchs has been the school’s director of recruitment and external relations for the last three years, and she was the interim director of admissions for the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. Before that, she was vice president and recruiter for Merit Consulting Services and operations manager for the Yeshiva University’s office of undergraduate admissions. Ms. Fuchs and her husband, Alan, have four children and three grandchildren.