I’m not sure how to take this latest attempt to deal with the problem of angels reciting the Kedushash that Yitzchok Weinberger propounded (“Even More on Angels,” July 19). Like previous writers, he seems to agree that angels have no free will, yet describes them as having a choice of whether to participate in attending the Kedushah service and then exercising that choice. If that is not free will, then I don’t understand the concept.

Even more incongruously, he has God playing the part of a narcissistic celebrity, who orchestrates a grand paean of praise to his glorious self, “inviting” these angels, who, free will or not, realistically have no choice but to participate. One wonders why an all powerful, all-encompassing deity needs forced praise from the creatures he himself created. I would appreciate Mr. Weinberger’s report on the reactions of his class to these issues.