Apropos your editorial (“News from the front,” Nov. 25) concerning the Occupy Wall Street protests and their multifarious messages, we must focus on a considerably more significant and fundamental issue – namely whether our political system still works. It is this that animates the ongoing protests, along with the seething anger and frustrations of a simmering majority that is disgusted with the misguided priorities of its elected officials. Our officials are hostage to intransigent ideologies that get in the way of common sense and the common good. Rather than care for the needs of the many, they are concerned for the money of the few. They allocate billions of dollars to bail out Wall Street on the pretext of “too big to fail,” but will not rescue Main Street, which urgently needs relief to reduce unemployment and stimulate job growth. This is an unmitigated perversion of priorities and undermines the “social contract” that provides a decent, functioning society in which all can prosper, not just the super-rich.