I was disappointed by the view expressed by Dan Brown with regard to the Jewish Agency’s representation of Jews in the diaspora, particularly with regard to the controversy surrounding the Kotel (“The Kotel: Is the Jewish Agency part of the problem?” February 22). As a member of the board of governors of the Jewish Agency, I attended the recent meetings in Israel and there was one session that was especially impressive. The Committee for the Unity of the Jewish People held a “town hall” type meeting that was open to all of the board of governors members, not just the members of that committee. The purpose of the meeting was to hear views and opinions about the difficulties and limitations at the Kotel since this committee has been tasked with proposing ideas and suggestions to help remedy the controversy. The room was filled with delegates from all over the world and there was ample opportunity to express opinions. No one was restricted from speaking and views that were shared ranged from left to right politically as well as religiously. Although there were no final resolutions at the end of this meeting, the appointed members of the Committee for the Unity of the Jewish People now have heard the voices and representatives of the various religious streams and worldwide Zionist federations and can use that information to recommend solutions. I commend the Jewish Agency for Israel for providing this forum to work together.