Regarding Tzvee Zehavy’s Feb. 24 review of “Kosher Jesus,” it is important to note that Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is challenging Jews and Christians to focus on our common root: faith in God, values as manifest in the mitzvot and their teachings, and the divinity of the human soul. It is the content of this message that is important, not his genius at self-promotion (which is hardly something to fault him for). In today’s world, fraught with staggeringly destructive possibilities, Boteach seeks to build the case that recognition of original commonalities is not only an impetus for uniting in efforts to do good and interfaith dialogue, it is a boon to the endurance of the ethical systems we cherish. As editor of “Kosher Jesus,” however, I did appreciate Zehavy’s sensitivity to the rabbi’s lackluster style of support-staff acknowledgement.