On Purim day I felt it important to take my kids to hear the Megillah reading in front of the Iranian Mission in Manhattan. Iran had called for the destruction of Israel off the face of the earth and is developing nuclear weapons. It supplies weapons and money to Israel’s enemies Hezbollah and Hamas. It was quite appropriate for the Megillah to be read there, since Purim is a holiday from the same country in which a plot to destroy the Jewish people backfired and the evil plotter was destroyed.

The gathering was greatly marred when a large contingent of Neturei Karta showed up waving an Iranian flag and heckling people trying to hear the Megillah reading. Because of these people I could not hear the all-important Megillah reading. It’s bad enough they show up at the Israel Day parade, but to interrupt a religious ceremony waving an Iranian flag is despicable and a chillul HaShem.