Charles Zusman’s article in your December 30, 2011 issue was most interesting and brought back many memories. One point that caught my attention was the comment about the Schiffschul in Vienna “which was destroyed on Kristallnacht (November 9-10, 1938).” The Schiffschul was desecrated, vandalized and damaged then, but since it was built in the courtyard of an apartment building surrounded by other apartment houses, the Nazis could not demolish it, as they did with most free-standing synagogues. The Schiffschul was renovated after the war. One of my uncles attended services there from the early 50s on until his death in 2001.

This past summer, I spent a few days in Vienna. I walked by the Schiffschul on a weekday. The door to the building was locked, but a sign indicated the time schedule of regular services. If anyone is interested in finding out more details about the Schiffschul, may I suggest they contact the Juedische Kultusgemeinde, Seitenstettengasse 4, Vienna 1010.