Dan Fleshler (Opinion, June 12) is on the advisory board of J Street (which I consider an anti-Israel left-wing group) and a board member of Americans for Peace Now and Ameinu.

Peace Now is an organization that I have followed for decades and a group that you cannot confront or speak intelligently to, because if you call them they will hang up on you. They are a left-of-left organization and will destroy Israel in the eyes of the anti-Semites and Muslim terrorists. They take photos of new settlements for the world to see and when they were beaten up by the settlers for their underhanded tactics, they hired planes and took aerial photos. Fleshler wants President Obama to have wiggle room to take an even-handed approach. Is he talking about an even-handed shake with the leaders of the worst terrorist, anti-Israel, anti-American countries in the world? I have been to Israel 40 times and made friends with Muslims in east Jerusalem. I also had a large Muslim medical practice from the Paterson area in New Jersey. They will tell you that Peace Now is a movement that is wet behind the ears. I once read about intellectual Jews who are illiterate on Jewish affairs. Put that into perspective.