The recent antics of Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad only highlight the fact that he is the best leader for Iran that the Jewish people could want. He has singlehandedly united nearly every Jew on the planet with revulsion and disgust, no matter how far to the left they reside. Remember that only a few years ago, the unrepentant child-murderer Yasser Arafat would say one thing in English and another in Arabic. His Orwellian doublespeak was enough to earn him adoring followers among Jews, regardless of his persistent terrorism. Although Hitler announced his intentions towards the Jews time and again, and committed it to writing in “Mein Kampf,” he was still able to delude the world and even the Jews until it was far too late. The Jewish people always seem far more willing to make excuses and appease our enemies than we are towards each other.

Ahmadinejad leaves nothing to the imagination. He does not exert the slightest effort to hide his intentions and Iran’s plans. Ahmadinejad’s bold clarity even made Europeans walk out on his speech (except for the Swiss, of course). We are fortunate indeed, because if he had uttered the slightest moderate phrase, he too would have Jewish apologists and supporters willing to negotiate and make concessions, offer pieces of the Land of Israel, or even Alaska, to appease him. Now we only have to worry if he develops some insight and says he is sorry. Then we will be in real trouble.