The “Nosh quote” that led the Noshes page on Nov. 25 was simply astonishing in its anti-Semitic overtones – “Behind every great criminal act, there is a great Jewish mind helping out.” In candor, the Noshes column has, for a long time, been a community embarrassment. It aggrandizes actors and actions that often do not reflect Jewish values. But this unfortunate quote is really too much. I suggest you finally jettison this entire page of narishkeit in favor of something informative and ennobling.

The Jewish Standard replies: Nate Bloom, who writes the Noshes column, is not responsible for the Nosh Quote feature. Judging from other reader reactions, his column is a popular one. We are sorry that the Nosh quote offended some people, but its use in “Boardwalk Empire” merely reflected the reality of an era when people such as Meyer Lansky were turning organized crime into a multi-billion-dollar illegal enterprise, and Lepke Buchalter’s Murder Inc. was perfecting the contract killing business. A three-part lecture series was offered last month at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades on the topic. We may not admire these people, but they did exist.