Thank you for a timely Jewish article on Superbowl weekend. To arrive at page 40 and see the 1919 photo of the Green Bay Packers blew me away. My uncle, Charles Sauber, is in the last row – in the company of Curly Lambeau, Nate Abrams, and all.

I am the daughter of Green Bay and Sheboygan, Wis., parents and was raised in New York when my folks came east for business purposes. I am Judith Bassewitz Theran, daughter of Alice Sauber and Jules Bassewitz. We are a large family on both sides although the Saubers are mostly gone, but my paternal Bassewitz family carries on the sports-loving tradition into the next generations. My parents’ families from both sides live for the Packers. I do have the 1920 photo of the team here in our Ridgewood home and I posted your info on Facebook. The younger cousins were really buzzing about it.