With three of the five largest kosher beef plants in the U.S. – and the second-largest kosher beef supplier in South America – currently closed, consumers can expect significant shortages of kosher meat as well as price hikes (“Agri mess endangers meat supply,” Nov. 7). But don’t worry: Many companies, including Mon Cuisine, Morningstar Farms, Worthington Foods, Gardenburger, Yves, Lightlife, and Turtle Island Foods (the manufacturer of Tofurky), make great-tasting, kosher-certified mock meats. And Veggie Heaven, a kosher Chinese restaurant with three locations in New Jersey, serves a wide variety of delicious mock meats.

Jewish law mandates that animals be treated with compassion and respect. By choosing meatless meals, you can adhere to Jewish principles and save animals from pain and suffering. For more information on vegetarian foods, visit HumaneKosher.com.