Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s March 25 attack on President Obama (“dragged kicking and screaming” and “pitifully weak leadership”) speaks more about the rabbi than about the president. We now have a president who brings intellect to a problem, who takes time to build a very broad coalition of forces to deal with that problem, and develops a strategy that seems to have achieved the aim of averting a humanitarian disaster in a timely manner – and all it engenders in the rabbi is disdain. Instead of a go-it-alone policy, the United States indeed showed leadership. Had we not achieved the support of a good part of the world, we would have been characterized as war-mongering, unilaterally meddling in a civil war. and serving our own colonial interests.

What was achieved by Obama was monumental in scope and strategy. If there is anything pitifully weak here it is that rabbi’s understanding of the situation.