I read Aseel Saied’s op ed essay, “Palestinian gets close to ‘other’ in pro-Israel internship” (September 6), with absolute disbelief. Had it not been for the date at the bottom of the page, I would’ve thought that I was sailing down the Hudson with Pete Seeger and Joan Baez, singing about giving peace a chance or goodwill toward men, etc. A kumbaya moment if there ever was one! This Moslem teenager, whose parents worked for the PLO, had recently interned for Americans for Peace Now and came away from her experience with the mistaken idea that peace between Israel and the Palestinians could come about, ex nihilo.

But what was so shocking was her last statement: “If you come to Ramallah, I’ll be happy to show you around.” How utterly absurd! How naïve can one get? Does she not know that if a Jew enters Ramallah they would be tortured, lynched, and dismembered in a matter of moments! Is this teenager so out of touch with reality? How did the Standard even print this junk?