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Regrettably the RCBC chooses to continue this sparring in public. Our response to their latest accusations follows:

“¢ Our statement that the OK contacted the RCBC before giving a hechsher to Ima’s does not in any way imply that the RCBC endorsed our decision to grant Ima’s a hechsher. Our policy is always to contact the previous hechsher for a kashrus history. To read anything deeper into that statement is absurd.

“¢ While initially the RCBC was not forthcoming about the specifics of any violations at Ima’s, they ultimately did make certain allegations of kashrus violations at the restaurant. At that time OK informed the RCBC that we would not pursue the hechsher. However, we subsequently received a recording of the actual meeting that took place between the proprietress and the RCBC, in which these alleged violations were discussed. This recording directly contradicted what the RCBC had told us. Further, several impartial and credible witnesses came forth to dispute the RCBC’s account of additional post-meeting violations that had supposedly occurred.

“¢ By stressing that the RCBC is a non-profit, the implication is that all their decisions are purely altruistic. Does this somehow negate the testimony of multiple credible witnesses who dispute the RCBC’s version of events. It is noteworthy that the OK is also a non-profit organization, which sponsors many community projects and charities.

“¢ When the RCBC claims in public that “this restaurant does not meet RCBC standards,” there ought to be full disclosure of what those standards are, not just veiled references.