I found the juxtaposition of the article about the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s decision to stop funding Koach (“Koach closes,” June 21), its campus outreach arm, and the one about Jofa (“Jofa and the point of no return,” June 21) seem somehow intertwined. Judy Heicklen described in the Jofa article how her commitment to kashrut in college brought her into an Orthodox circle in spite of her Conservative upbringing. It is lonely being a committed Conservative Jew in many places. Indeed, many committed Conservative college students find that they do not have a cohort in college and move either toward Orthodoxy because they want to be a part of a vibrant Jewish community in college, or away from commitment. United Synagogue’s challenge is to foster vibrant Conservative Jewish communities on college campuses, so that those students mature into adults who bring vibrant Judaism to their communities. United Synagogue’s misguided decision to stop funding college outreach may well be one that will hasten the flow of committed Conservative college students away from Conservative Judaism, and that is a shame.