UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey is circulating security information to local agencies and synagogues, according to David Moss, the federation’s assistant executive vice president for endowment.

“When we learned [about the mail bombs last] Friday, we immediately briefed our mailroom staff and the reception desk so that they were aware of what was going on,” he told The Jewish Standard on Tuesday. “We shared some protocols that had been shared with us by the Office of Homeland Security on how to respond and handle specific packages.”

Among the signs that a package might be suspicious, Moss said, is “excessive tape or string, oily stains, or discoloration.”

Moss, who took part in Tuesday’s Anti-Defamation League conference call, referred the Standard to an FBI advisory on the ADL website: www.adl.org/security/fbi.pdf.

If a package or letter is suspicious, the advisory states, “Don’t shake or bump (it)…. Don’t open, smell, or taste. Treat it as a suspect! Call 911.”

“We’re disseminating information as we receive it,” Moss said, “but no meetings have been called at this point.”