In the May 18 editorial, “Be careful what you wish for,” the editor fails to note that the Middle East already has a two-state solution: Israel and Gaza. The IDF forced every Jew out of Gaza. In return, Hamas sent thousands of rockets and missiles Israel’s way; kidnapped Gilad Shalit; smuggled weapons into Gaza; and persistently refused to negotiate. The net result of disengagement was a war to stop the missile/rocket attacks; the exorbitant ransom paid for the release of Shalit; the Goldstone report; the attempt to break the blockade of Gaza by allies of Hamas; the continued hostility and violence of Hamas; etc. If the disengagement of Gaza created a meaningful and real peace, the west bank would now be a sovereign nation. The behavior of Hamas stopped any future efforts of disengagement by Israel.

The vast majority of Jews in Israel and the diaspora have not given up the moral high ground. We support the two-state solution with real peace, security and friendship. The problem is and has always been: how does Israel make peace partners out of people committed to the destruction of Israel?