Once again, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is preaching hate. This time (Dec. 5) he is railing against the Mumbai terrorists who killed Rabbi Gavriel and Rinah Holtzberg and more than 170 others. He thinks Christian forgiveness is misguided and wants us to hate the terrorists and exact revenge. Hate is not the Jewish way. Forgiveness exists in Judaism as well as Christianity. It does not mean we condone horrible deeds. In Christianity, forgiveness means that Jesus was able to see beyond the evil behavior of misguided people. This is similar to telling young children that we do not accept their bad behavior. Rather than condemning a young child, we try to stop the bad behavior and shape good behavior. This is more easily done with normal children than terrorists. Unfortunately for everyone, there is a certain type of malignantly narcissistic personality that misinterprets religion – in this case Islam – to mean that a person should terrorize and kill certain types of people, specifically Jews and Americans. These terrorists have been abused and wrongly programmed to do their evil deeds. We should do all we can to stop them, but hating them accomplishes nothing. Rabbi Boteach is an angry man. He should not have any kind of forum to preach his misinterpretations of Judaism. He once said he wanted to be the “Jewish Deepak Chopra.” He is so far from that ideal, he should be embarrassed. Dr. Chopra just wrote a book on the real spiritual meaning of Christianity. Perhaps Rabbi Boteach should read the book and remember that Jesus was a Jew.