An addition to the list of suggestions for productive actions that the Obama administration could take in the wake of the breakdown of the Middle East peace process is that Israel and the U.S. should continually and relentlessly insist on the cessation of anti-Israel/anti-Jewish bigotry pouring out of Palestinian Authority media, mosques, public discourse. This has to be stated and re-stated and made central to achieving peace – because it is central to achieving peace. Unfortunately, much of the media have no interest in reporting this.

This is a critically important point. The parties can sit in conference rooms for months or years. The U.S. can give billions to build roads, schools, courtrooms, and other governmental facilities in the west bank. But how does Israel live side by side with a peaceful Palestinian state so long as Palestinians are taught appalling anti-Semitism, the Palestinian Authority honors terrorists, and Holocaust denial is a mainstay of Palestinian discourse? To make things easier for peace in the Middle East, the Palestinians should just declare Israel the Jewish state.