On February 14, Yeshiva University students studying finance and computer science gathered on YU’s Wilf Campus for a Q&A session with Elisha Wiesel, Goldman Sachs’s chief information officer. The talk was hosted by Judah Diament, program director of undergraduate data science and professor and co-chair of computer science at Yeshiva College.

Mr. Wiesel told the students about his 23-year tenure building the information architecture that Goldman uses to manage its businesses. Goldman has created a technological structure that both centralizes information and systems management while distributing the means to query that information to assess risk, gain, and prediction to every Goldman employee, he said.

Mr. Wiesel also suggested that everyone should learn some coding.

In response to a question about how the legacy of his father, the writer, activist, and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, has influenced his career, Mr. Wiesel said that he believes that his father’s greatest skill was “listening to people closely and making them feel like human beings.” He wanted his legacy at Goldman to reflect that he did the same thing for the people who worked for him by making the profession of technician equal in status to the traders and other financial people in the company. But more importantly, he said, “how I raise my children is the best way for me to honor my father. That will be my true legacy.”