Dr. David Shatz, Yeshiva University’s Ronald P. Stanton professor of philosophy, ethics, and religious thought, is scholar-in-residence at Congregation Rinat Yisrael. He will give the drasha at the 9 a.m. minyan. At 6 p.m., as part of the shul’s “Rambam and Moreh Nevuchim: Innovation and Controversy,” shiurim in memory of Rabbi Ozer Glickman, he will discuss “Rambam, Maimonides, or Both? The Perennial Controversy About Interpreting the Man.” After Mincha at 7, his talk is on “What is Perplexing About the Guide to the Perplexed?” Shiurim continue through June 9. 389 W. Englewood Ave. (201) 837-2795.