How to Save A Life” (November 21) caught my attention; it was about how to save someone’s life. I was touched that there are those who willingly agree to be live kidney donors. That not only saved the lives of their recipients but also changed the recipient’s health and social well being. I am from the Philippines but I now am working here in Israel. When I read the article I considered asking if we can avail the services of the Renewal Organization here for kidney transplants? The idea popped into my mind because I have a relative and a friend who are undergoing dialysis twice or thrice a week. A kidney transplant would no doubt change their lives, and ease the stress on their families. I understand that Renewal is a Jewish organization but I am pleased to know that they can assist others who are not Jewish.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have put Ms. Quinio in touch with Boruch Dumbroff of Renewal, and Renewal will discuss options with her.