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We went down to Yerucham to drink an afternoon can
in the dusty shopping centre
the delight began with a slow, balanced, measured walk
like a dusty turbo

Muscles beaten from the long journey
are released with pleasure throughout the body
intertwining and stretched and are made hars in the wind which whips dust and sand on your face

And the whole thing is
to drink something cold
in the middle of the desert

The township is pretending to be napping
it doesn’t even make us laugh
we cross the expanse as thought it’s concealed festivity
leaving to the sun that will weight heavily

A bundle of kisses of chocolate stops us as one
a thread and a half from the shade
we stand in the sun, do not move, not sweating, waiting
a thread and a half from the shade

And the whole thing is…

We’re still standing, not sweating, not moving
a thread and a half from the shade
when some local girl suddenly sticks her nose in the sun
and here that speaks in our ears

See, see these Gary Coopers
Clint Eastwoods, money for his voice
“really” despising hot dry weather
the time has come to finally stick out your
long tongue
from the culture of the west

And the whole thing is…

A thread and a half from the shade, we’re spinning
and it’s nice fighting slowness,
balanced we cross the wide floor of the dusty
shopping centre
and we get into the car

In the afternoon southbound, what now?
Where do we go to? Clearing our throats
maybe we can still kill a small evening Turkish coffee
in Mitzpeh Ramon!

And the whole thing is…