Billy Joel didn’t light the fire of anti-Semitism and hatred that many see sweeping the country.

But on Monday night, he showed that he doesn’t disregard the danger.

For the encore of his monthly concert at Madison Square Garden, he came back on stage wearing a sports jacket with two yellow Stars of David, one on the front, the other on the back .

Billy Joel is from Long Island. His parents are Jewish, but he was not brought up practicing any religion. He has been described as a secular Jew, a cultural Jew, and an atheist. But his father’s family lost their fortune — and many family members lost their lives — in Nazi Germany, where they lived. That fascinating story has been told in a 2001 documentary, “The Joel Files.”

At the concert, Joel invited singer Patty Smyth on stage to sing her hit song ““Goodbye to You” with him while a screen behind them flashed pictures of fired White House staffers including chief strategist Stephen Bannon, press secretary Sean Spicer, and communications adviser Anthony Scaramucci.

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