Congregation Arzei Darom of Teaneck will hold its 16th annual journal dinner on Sunday, June 10, at 6 p.m., at Temple Emeth in Teaneck. Ron and Aliza Goldgewert will be the guests of honor.

The Goldgewerts have been active members of Arzei Darom since they moved to Teaneck in 2006. Their leadership and support have been instrumental to the shul’s ongoing growth.

Ron Goldgewert, the shul’s treasurer, has been a board member and president. He has served as editor of Mikrai Kodesh, a compilation of divrei Torah written by congregants, and he gives community shiurim on the High Holy Days as part of the Oleh L’regel series. He also conducts a popular weekly Gemara class on Shabbat mornings and is a member of the synagogue’s Torah reading rotation.

Aliza Goldgewert has chaired the membership committee for five years and helps with the mishloach manot and bake sale committees. At Yeshivat Noam, she was treasurer and a member of the executive board and volunteers.

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