p>In reference to the Sept. 5 article “Early Holocaust memoir translated into English,” I would like to note that the first memoir about the Holocaust was my book, “Brygada Smierci,” published in February 1946 by the Polish-Jewish Historical Commission in Poland. It was about the death brigade in the Janowska Camp in Lwow. This book was published in French in 1962 as “Pour Que la Terre Se Souvienne” and appeared in 12 other countries, including such small countries as Finland, the Netherlands (where it was titled “FA 63”), Denmark, and even Argentina. In the United States it was even published three times – under the as “Janowska Road” (Macmillan), “Death Brigade” (University Press of Kentucky), and in 1999 by the Holocaust Library as “Janowska Road.” In Germany in the 1960s a special edition was published for school distribution under the title “Ein Sohn Hiob.”

I am writing only to note the historical fact.