Steven Hartov, an author of fiction and nonfiction, journalist, screenwriter, and former editor-in-chief of “Special Operations Report,” is the guest speaker at Congregation Adas Emuno on Sunday, November 12, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. His works include the Israeli espionage trilogy, “The Heat of Ramadan,” “The Nylon Hand of God,” and “The Devil’s Shepherd.” His nonfiction works include the New York Times bestseller “In the Company of Heroes,” co-authored with Michael J. Durant, “The Night Stalkers,” co-authored with Michael J. Durant and Lt. Col. (ret.) Robert L. Johnson, and “Afghanistan on the Bounce,” co-authored with Robert L. Cunningham. His novel “The Heat of Ramadan” was adapted for the feature film, “The Point Men.” His newest work of fiction, “The Soul of a Thief,” is due to be released in May by Harper Collins. For information, call (201) 592-1712 or go to