I am dismayed and ashamed that in last week’s Jewish Standard webpoll, “How do you feel about the proposed 9/11 burning of the Koran by a Florida pastor?,” 24 percent of the responders did not condemn the pastor. This is not a legal issue. The proposed burning of the Koran, a holy book to the Muslims, is morally wrong, insensitive, and politically stupid. It is for similar reasons that I opposed the mosque near Ground Zero. The pastor canceled his insane plan to burn the Koran. I am still waiting for the imam to cancel his plans for the mosque.

Even if we were not victims of many book-burnings, we should oppose the burning of the Koran. I take solace in the fact that 76 percent of the poll responders opposed the Koran burning. The vote should have been unanimous against the pastor. As a Jew, and as an American, I oppose all insensitive and demeaning acts against other religions.